Georgia's Equine Session

March 11, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited to get this blog post into the world! I could not love this girl right here more! I have had the joy of knowing Georgia since she was born and watching her grow into a gorgeous, kind, sweet young woman. I have photographed her family for years, but was so excited to be asked to do a special birthday portrait session capturing one of Georgia's loves - horses! The special relationship she has with these gentle giants is beautiful!

Fun fact, the first photographer blog I ever followed and wanted to be like when I grew up was Shelly Paulson - an equine photographer! The way her images captured light and the love between people and their horses inspired me over a decade ago to pursue a career in photography  so this was a very full circle moment. 

I hope you will savor the sweetness radiating from each image and that it will bring a smile to your day as much as it did mine! Scroll to the end for the best silhouette! 



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