Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC: Blog en-us (C) Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC (Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Fri, 20 May 2022 12:13:00 GMT Fri, 20 May 2022 12:13:00 GMT Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC: Blog 86 120 Tyler and Kelsey's Engagement Session Tyler and Kelsey are getting married this fall and I'm excited to share their recent engagement session with you! As often happens in the spring, we had a downpour halfway through, but Tyler is a firefighter so we quickly changed plans and headed to the station for some shelter and stunning shots of these two. Looking forward to sharing more of this cute couple after their October wedding! 



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Abigail Turns 3!  

Abigail is 3! This cutie is as lovely in person as she is in these photos. I love her sweet spirit and the fact that she is one of my little friends that I have photographed since birth. She is always 100 percent herself in front of my camera. 

On the day of her birthday session, the dark clouds had rolled in, but we decided to try to beat the rain. The winds so characteristic of March were blowing strong, but Abigail was a good sport trying to keep that balloon in the air, haha. In the end, one of my favorite cloudy day sessions to date! Enjoy this gorgeous girl's fancy afternoon at the park.

Happy Birthday sweetie! 

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Josh and Bailey's Engagement Session  

Josh and Bailey are getting married in just a few short months and this gorgeous, dreamy engagement session in downtown Sumter has got me beyond excited for their special day coming up. This couple is so natural in front of the camera...there is a tender romance about their relationship that is like a breath of fresh air to witness. Looking forward to sharing their wedding this summer! 

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Ethan and Ana's Engagement Session Ethan and Ana are now officially husband and wife and I'm thrilled to share their fall engagement session with you! We photographed these on family land and when I saw the vintage car that belonged to Ethan's grandfather, I fell in love with the old-timey setting it created. 

I have the joy of calling these two friends and serving alongside them in our church. I can honestly say that this couple is a perfect match. They keep each other laughing and the love you see in these images is genuine. They radiant life and kindness everywhere they go and I look forward to how God is going to continue to use them as a team for His glory. 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Courson! 

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Brendan and Lyndsay's Wedding Day Brendan and Lyndsay's December wedding was quintessential South Carolina - sunshine and 70s and the loveliest of days to celebrate the union of this special couple. I first met Lyndsay when I captured her high school graduation photos and have had the privilege of continuing to document this family over the years including their spunky, beautiful daughter, Lily. 

These high school sweetheart's wedding day was full of love, emotion and joy. They are surrounded by family and friends who love them well and have stood by their side through thick and thin. Seeing these relationships through the camera lens caused me to tear up all day.  Brendan's tears started flowing the second Lyndsay appeared on her daddy's arm and didn't stop until after they had walked back down the isle. I hope you will enjoy the story these images tell as much as I did. Oh, and grab the tissues - you will need them! 


Daddy/Daughter first looks are a personal favorite - hard to keep my own tears back, but so worth it! 

Pass the tissues!

Daddy/Daughter first look - take 2

Ok, at this point there wasn't a dry eye anywhere...


The look of a man in love with his bride.

Shhhh! Haha, this tiny aunt and niece duo seriously couldn't get any cuter! 

Lyndsay has the best smile!

Are they adorable or what? 

Forever his little girl.


These two are so much fun to watch. A special relationship between mother and son.  

Just out of reach for this little one! 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brady!


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Dalton's Senior Session  

Another high school graduate to celebrate!

Took a trip out to the farm to capture some fun images for Dalton (who knew tractor tires could make such cool senior photos??) This guy has a great smile and I loved having his parents along to encourage it! We even had to take a few masked photos to document what a crazy senior year he experienced in the middle of a pandemic. Last, but not least, what South Carolina boy's senior photos are complete without some truck photos?

Enjoy and congratulations Dalton! 

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Jonathan's Senior Session  

I remember meeting Jonathan's mom when I was in middle school and she was pregnant with him. Fast forward 18 years of seeing him grow into a kind, hard-working, talented young man. I was so honored to be asked to capture his senior pictures last spring. The setting was perfect for Jonathan - his grandparent's land, his truck and gun - ready for a hunt! I hope you enjoy this country boy session as much as I did! 

Congratulations Jonathan! 

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Caitlyn's Senior Session  

This lovely senior has graduated high school and is officially in nursing school! I am thrilled for Caitlyn as she enters the next chapter of her life in pursuit of helping others. This session took place on a very bright, gorgeous spring afternoon on a hidden gem of SC countryside. With only a few trees, the sunlight literally flooded everything, but this girl was even more radiant. 

Excited to finally share them with you!

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Nevaeha's Senior Session  

I honestly cannot think of a dreamier location for a girl who loves horses than this stunning farm. I met with Nevaeha on a gorgeous fall afternoon last year to capture some photos for her senior year of high school. Her quiet, sweet personality and natural beauty on this peaceful spot with gentle animals was the perfect blend. The stunning natural light in this barn had me internally squealing with delight as I shot image after image. Literally could not choose a favorite!!

Congratulations Nevaeha! I am excited to see where God takes you in your future! 

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The Dara Family Oh, what a lovely family this is!

I met Steve and Lynn a few years ago and was delighted to photograph the love they share with each other and their son, Ian. He was such a fun little guy to work with and kept us entertained the whole session. He even through out some of his own photo ideas and they couldn't have turned out better!

This session is a great example of how even though a sunny day is my favorite - a cool, overcast January day can still yield beautiful photos. 

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The Mahr Family "I just love taking family Christmas pictures!"...said no teenage boy ever :)

 I was incredibly honored that, despite this fact, the Mahr family asked me to capture their beautiful family last year. It was a perfect December afternoon in SC and one of my favorite locations to shoot - downtown Sumter. Even the family dog got in on the fun and was born to be a model it seems!

I think my favorite part about the shoot is how this wife and mother just glows surrounded by the handsome men she loves so deeply. 


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Hughes Family Christmas Session Such a delight to share another session of the Hughes family. I started photographing them when little Liam was on the way and it has brought me such joy to see this family grow over the years. I mean how adorable are they? Vance and Tabby are always up for anything and this Christmas shoot was one of my favorites of last year. 

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The Maggard Family 2020 One of my favorite sounds in the whole world - hearing a sweet little voice call out "Aunt B!"

In the last decade, I have become an aunt to 9 nieces and nephews. Each one has brought their own measure of joy to our family that I am so grateful for each time I look into their faces. My sister and her husband are doing an amazing job parenting their four kids and despite the long, hard days and nights that come with having young children, I know they wouldn't trade them for anything. They are smart, funny, creative, kind, compassionate and just all-around fun to be with (like their mommy and daddy). 

I shot this session on a perfect October afternoon and as the golden sun slowly dipped its way to the horizon, it was hard to contain my excitement over these images. Couldn't have asked for a better setting for this precious family. 


This boy has been so brave through many obstacles in his short life and I could not be prouder of the young man he is becoming. 

He is every bit the personality you see here. It took quite a few marshmallows to get him looking this sweet, but once satisfied, he turned on the charm ;)

I wish he would never grown out of this stage or lose his little boy voice, but very much looking forward to watching who he becomes! 

Celebrating 10 years of marriage in 2021. What a blessing and wow how the years fly! 

My little Shirley Temple...she brings sunshine into every room with this smile. 

Looking at this young lady, I'm taken back to the moment I first photographed her in the hospital when she was just minutes old smiling up at her daddy.

That smile has only gotten more beautiful. 

I took a random snapshot of my sister and her children standing like this at the beach a couple of years ago and she asked me to recreate it so she could see how they have grown. I love it so much! 

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The Howard Family 2020 Every mom has been there. It’s family picture day and she has a vision in her head of the perfect shot of her children to blow up and hang in her home. Something about walking by those precious smiling faces on her wall puts the long, difficult days of parenting in perspective. 

Unfortunately, the kids didn’t get the memo about her vision and how much it means to her and they are determined to make this Mission Impossible. After an attempt to flood the bathroom, missing shoes and a few tantrums thrown in, she finally gets everyone dressed and in the car. Success! 

However, the weather didn’t get that memo either and the wind starts to pick up as they arrive for pictures, blowing their clothes and hair in every direction. Still, she is determined to stick it out, hoping things will settle down. 

Just then, the unthinkable happens. Her young daughter, who is looking adorable in her white and pink outfit, trips and lands in the mud. “Could this get any worse?” she asks, any lovely vision she once had now being replaced with a nightmare. 

As a photographer, everything is determined by my response in that moment. 

This exact scenario played out for my dear friend, Bekah, a few months ago during a visit to their mountain home. 

I looked at her and smiled. “It’s going to be ok. These pictures are going to be beautiful. We will just have to be a little more creative with posing and find some shelter from the wind.” As I continued to shoot, I didn’t see the mud or the stress of the day. I saw love and joy and laughter - all the things that make this family a treasure. So moms, on picture day, remember that all we as photographers ask is that you show up, relax and let us simply capture what was there all along. 



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The Wilson Family Session 2020  

Hello again! I have been blessed with a very busy fall season of photo sessions. Now that Christmas cards have gone out,  I sit here with my lit tree and mug of peppermint chocolate tea and I'm so excited to begin sharing them with you.

It's only fitting to start with a family I love so much! The Wilson's are some of the most genuine and fun people I have the privilege of knowing and capturing them is not only exciting, but so heartwarming at the same time. We incorporated the grandparents this year and if you have followed me for any length of time, know how much I treasure these generations of family. We laughed our way through this session and at the end, I came away feeling as though I received a gift. I know you will feel that too as you enjoy their images. 


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Lilly turns 2!  

This girl is two-ty fruity!

Lilly had her second birthday a couple of weeks ago and celebrated with a fun, tropical themed photo shoot. I can always get a smile out of this girl when food is involved. She ate, laughed and danced her way through the session, showing once again how carefree it is to be a toddler. Lilly, you are a ray of sunshine! Happy Birthday sweetie!

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The Ropps Extended Family Session This precious family asked me back in winter to come photograph them during their annual August family vacation and I was so honored to capture these images that represent the close bond this family has. They have been vacationing together every year since their children were young and now, even though they are adults and beginning their own families, they still make this time together a priority.

Mimi is the matriarch of this bunch and what a young and beautiful spirit she has. Seeing the relationship between a grandparent and grandchildren through the camera lens has become something I am blessed to witness often and each time, it fills my heart. What a gift to have the wisdom and encouragement from someone who has lived so much life and despite going through difficulty and pain, still radiates with joy. 


As beautiful as these faces are, the thing I am most drawn to are the hands! So symbolic and precious!

Isn't she just the best? I can only hope to have this much spunk in my eighties!

Love these newlywed shots!

Young love...

...and seasoned love of 30 years. Each one so beautiful in its own way.


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Doby Extended Family Session The Doby sisters wanted to have some family portraits taken with their sweet mom last month and at a very special location - in front of the home they grew up in. A home holds so many precious memories and is a symbol of the love a family shares so I loved the idea of having it as the setting.

There is an unseen void in these photos. A very special husband and father who went to be with Jesus several years ago. Even though you cannot see his face, his family holds him in their hearts every day. The joy in these faces is but a shadow of the joy they will one day experience when they are reunited. 

This gorgeous swing was hand-crafted by her late husband which shows just a glimpse of what a talented man he was! 

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Courtney's Senior Session Had a lot of fun with this senior session last month! Courtney is a lovely, smart, kind young lady and a natural in front of a camera.

We spent a couple hours in downtown Sumter exploring all the fun spots on Main Street. Since Courtney was unable to attend her last high school prom in the spring due to COVID 19, she wanted some images with her prom gown and how gorgeous it was! Courtney is looking forward to attending school in Greenville this fall and majoring in forensic nursing.

Congrats Courtney! 





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Caroline's Senior Session Caroline is officially a high school graduate and what a beautiful one inside and out! She has the sweetest spirit that radiates from her and gorgeous blue eyes. After spending an afternoon with Caroline, it was evident that she is a very special, creative young woman who will do well at whatever she puts her mind to. It is exciting to think how God is going to continue to use her unique gifts to bring joy to others and glorify himself in the next chapter of her life.

Congratulations Caroline!


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Jeffrey's Senior Session Jeffrey is officially a high school graduate!

I met up with him and a few of his friends one afternoon to commemorate this special season and milestone - in country boy style. Yes, big trucks, guns and a field made the perfect setting for these senior photos. Jeffrey has the best smile and it was fun to see him enjoying the things he loves.

A huge congratulations Jeffrey! 


Could not resist this shot!


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Multi-generation Session - In memory of Maw-Maw (1930-2020) This is a very special post because the subject honored in these photos has since gone home to be with her Savior. Betty Barger (Maw-Maw to her family) passed away one month after this session. We had no idea that time remaining was quite so short, but God knew the gift these images would be to her loved ones for years to come. 

From the moment I entered Ms. Betty's home, I felt the love present. Despite the discomfort she must have been feeling, she welcomed me with her warm, sweet smile. We headed out to the intimate setting of her back yard and all I did was stand back and click the shutter as the beauty of Maw-Maw's relationship with each member of her family was on full display.

I had the privilege of attending Ms. Betty's funeral and listened as her children and grandchildren rose up and called her blessed, describing her as a woman who loved God and others deeply and knew how to have fun. She was fiercely competitive and enjoyed a good joke, providing constant entertainment for those around her. Every memory spoken confirmed what I had already witnessed in these pictures. This woman was filled with joy, laughter and wisdom that overflowed, leaving a legacy that will not be forgotten and Lord willing, will continue for generations and generations to come. 


Playing patty-cake with her youngest great-grandchild. Melted my heart. 

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Abigail Grace is One! This hot air balloon has landed carrying the cutest little one year old inside. How fast a year flies by! It feels like yesterday that I was shooting this same sweetheart as a newborn. Now she is taking her first delicate steps. Some things that haven't  changed are those chubby cheeks and adorable smile. And can we just talk about those eyes for a second? Wow! Crystal blue and so expressive. This was one of those sessions that I was internally squealing with delight over every click. I just love Abigail and was honored to capture another of the first of her many milestones.  



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Tyler and Jessica's Family Session 2020  

This precious family contacted me to have some updated photos taken and I could not wait to reconnect with them after a few years. Tyler and Jessica have three handsome and wonderful boys that make me smile every time with their unique personalities. Each one is a treasure and so much fun to capture. They loved being on a farm and exploring which is every young boy's dream. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is documenting love between people and this session literally glows with the love this family has. Some things you cannot create in a photo, it just is there and I get the extreme privilege of being in the moment. 


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Ethan's Senior Session Completely out of the blue, the Class of 2020 has entered a season of unknown. The likes of which, we have not seen in decades. Everything is uncertain, even graduation ceremonies themselves. But when I look at so many of these graduates, I am confident that they will continue to pursue their goals, no matter what
lies ahead. Ethan is no exception as he looks to forward to graduating high school and becoming a physical therapist after college.

I have known Ethan since he was just a baby and what a joy it has been to watch him grow into a man.  I was incredibly honored to capture this milestone in his life. What I so enjoyed about taking Ethan's portraits was getting to highlight the places and things he loves - from the marshes where he often photographs wildlife, to his love and talent for baseball, to long walks on the beach. 

God has gifted Ethan has an eye for beauty and a love for people and I pray he will use both in every area of his life to glorify Him. 

Congratulations Ethan!

The next GQ model right here!


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Mary Wynn's First Birthday Cake Smash  

What a delightful first birthday session with Mary Wynn! This little cutie pie is the youngest of four and it was fun to see her sweet, laid back personality, unfazed by the fast pace of her siblings. My favorite thing about these pictures is her beautiful blue eyes and excited smile that lights up her face. Capturing her joy at what to us is just a piece of chocolate cake is one of the reasons I love my job. This dainty girl didn't make quite the mess of her cake as expected, but she enjoyed every bite!

Happy First Birthday, Mary Wynn!


She braved the February cold like a trooper, but we quickly decided to move the rest of the session inside grandma's log house, which made for a perfect (and much warmer) setting as well!

(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) birthday Cake Smash family First Birthday Siblings Tue, 25 Feb 2020 21:22:57 GMT
Asher's Newborn Session This adorable little boy entered the world last month and I was thrilled to capture an in-home newborn session.

I have known his mommy for several years now and remember praying for this precious child while he was in his early days in the womb. It was a joy to see answered prayer in this healthy baby boy. Asher is not only cute, he was one of the sweetest babies I have worked with as well. His big sister, Anna Grace is so in love with her baby brother and it just melted my heart. Asher's daddy is a duck hunter and already has him suited up in campo and ready to go with his very own duck call! I loved capturing this special way that I know the two of them will bond in the years to come.



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Kylene Bush Maternity Session One of my favorite sessions to shoot is maternity. Images of a life that is hidden, yet so carefully being knit together by God within the womb of the mother. It is something to be celebrated and there is nothing quite like capturing the joy of a mother and father as they anticipate finally meeting their little one face to face. 

Kylene and David are expecting little Wyatt in a few short months and contacted me to capture some special moments of their family before his arrival. Wyatt's big sister, Madisyn, kept us laughing and is such a delight. The sweetness of this family comes through with every image.

And would know looking at these photos that they were taken in January in 50 degree weather? I just love living in South Carolina! 


(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Family Maternity Tue, 28 Jan 2020 00:57:11 GMT
The Lynn Family Generation Session 2019 was definitely the year of photographing large family groups. What a delight to witness so many generational legacies!

Mike and Lynn have a treasure, both in each other and in this group of people God has given them. We had a lot of fun with this session and the farm setting was a dream to work with.

We shot this right before Christmas and each child was on his/her best behavior with presents on their mind ;) If only parents could use that incentive all year...



That is the look you want after decades of marriage. 

Heart melting...


Ya'll, these couples are WAY to much fun! 

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The Melton Family Session 2019 I love it when families that I have photographed in the past contact me again, especially when their family has expanded since we last saw each other! Christian and Matt have welcomed a new daughter, Sadie, into their precious family and what a sweet group of four they make.

Hadley is a very proud big sister and still has her sassy personality which Definitely came through in these photos, haha! It was a cold, blustery day in downtown Sumter, but these little ladies were champs! 

I know you will enjoy these photos of the Melton family as much as I enjoyed capturing them. 


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The Bauer Family Generation Session When I was asked to travel to the beach a couple months ago for this multi-generational photo shoot, I was all in!

Fran's children wanted to gift these photos to her for Christmas and what a precious gift it was!

The Bauers represent so much of what family is meant to be. They know how to have fun and enjoy each other and every member of this family is known and loved for who they are. These pictures speak a thousand words of this. 

It is one of my greatest joys to see a couple like Fran and Jeremy reap the fruit of their many years of parenting labor and prayers. God has sustained and blessed this family through much and they are a testament to His goodness and grace. 



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The Lynn Family Session The Lynn family was such a joy to photograph last month!

Their love for one another is so evident through these photos and I had such a hard time narrowing them down. During this week when we slow down to celebrate and thank God for what we hold most dear, let us not forget to share with those people just how much they mean to us. That might be through a tender look, a warm embrace, a sweet kiss, a phone call,  laughter or tears. Make memories together that will last long after the turkey is eaten and life returns to its normal pace. You will not regret it. 

(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Family Family Session Siblings Fri, 29 Nov 2019 18:00:17 GMT
The Bauer Family Session Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I pray your day has been filled with gratitude for both the blessings in your life and the sorrows. I have found that the truest form of thankfulness comes from a heart that has every reason to despair, yet chooses to trust that God is working every circumstance for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.

The story of the Bauer family as they are today, is a road full of trust, anticipation, struggle, loss, tears and the greatest of joys.

Jason and Laurie felt God was calling them to expand their family through adoption several years ago and began the process which ended up being a very difficult journey. I had the honor of witnessing their courage and perseverance, continuing to move forward when many would have given up. They knew a little baby boy was waiting to be taken into their family and and loved treasured for the gift that he is. 

This past spring, they received a call that this special boy had been born and was indeed to be theirs at long last!

Little Ollie has grown and thrived under the love of not only his mom and dad, but his four siblings as well. This tangible picture of adoption is a reminder of the greatest joy of being adopted as God's child through the sacrifice of Jesus. That is the greatest reason to give thanks today and every day for the rest of eternity.

(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) adoption family family session siblings Fri, 29 Nov 2019 03:10:56 GMT
Tytus' Senior Session Last month, I had the privilege of photographing my first senior of the class of 2020!

I first met Tytus when he was 2 years old and now he has grown into a such a kind, handsome young man. The last year of high school is a time of much reflection of what is behind and great anticipation of what is ahead. It is scary and exciting all at the same time, but the great comfort and truth is,

"The heart of man plans his way,
but the Lord establishes his steps" Proverbs 16:9

 I know Tytus is thankful for everything that God has done in his life to bring him to this point. Looking forward to seeing the plans He will continue to unfold in the years ahead.

Congratulations Tytus!


(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Class of 2020 Senior Senior Session Wed, 27 Nov 2019 16:10:29 GMT
Abigail Grace's Pumpkin Mini Session Hello friends! It has been a while since I have posted, but it has been a very full season of photography. During this week of Thanksgiving, I will be posting sessions from this fall every day and highlighting some very special reasons my clients are grateful this year. 

First up is the cutest little pumpkin you will ever see! I first had the pleasure of photographing Abigail Grace as a newborn this past spring and now look at her! Her smile is infectious and I could just squeeze those chubby little legs all day :)  Abigail was an unexpected blessing to her family and I know they are so thankful for the joy she has brought to their lives this year and for so many to come. 

(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Fall Family Pumpkin Mini Session Tue, 26 Nov 2019 14:00:26 GMT
Paisleigh's First Birthday Cake Smash Session  


Paisleigh is one!

This cute strawberry girl had a blast at her cake smash session. She has the most beautiful laugh and smile and looks like she should be a main character in an illustrated book for little girls. I love getting to meet so many new faces with my job and it truly is a treat to spend every session seeing what brings everyday joy to my clients.

I know you will enjoy seeing Paisleigh's delight as much as I did.  

(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) cake smash family first birthday Sat, 14 Sep 2019 12:44:56 GMT
Marie's Bridal Session This stunning bride is officially a Mrs!

Marie and Robert were married yesterday and I finally get to share her bridal session! She is from Manning, SC and we decided to take advantage of its beautiful, oak lined streets and downtown buildings as the perfect setting. The weather was humid and a bit rainy that day, but we were able to avoid the downpour and get some gorgeous shots in the setting sun. Marie is a natural in front of the camera and was absolutely radiant in her wedding gown. One of my favorite things about taking these portraits is getting to highlight all of the tiny details that have come together and are so important to the bride on her wedding day.

Congratulations Robert and Marie! 


(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Bridal Session Bride Downtown Wedding Sun, 08 Sep 2019 18:33:32 GMT
Ruby Joy's 1 Year Old Fruit Bath Session  

This little girl has captured my heart with her adorable laugh, baby rolls, big eyes and Shirley Temple curls. It is nothing short of pure delight to be her Aunt. Ruby Joy lights up a room wherever she goes. After doing a fruit bath session earlier this summer, it was so much fun to do another with this expressive cutie. She loved every minute and had a tummy full of strawberries by the end!


(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) Fruit Bath Session One Year Old Summertime Sat, 31 Aug 2019 01:13:38 GMT
Maggard Family Army Farewell Session  

Another fun session with one of my favorite families! 

My brother in law, Stephen,  just retired from the Army after 7 years of service. During which, he and my sister, Katie, have moved a total of 6 times, been separated for 9 months during a deployment in the Middle East and had four little ones born to them. It has been an exciting, challenging and growing experience for everyone. So much is sacrificed by our military families that we seldom recognize in our fast paced lives. The daily stresses and demands are real and constantly saying goodbye to friends and community as well as packing and moving on a regular basis  can be exhausting. I am so proud of my sister for how she has stood by her husband's side through it all and been his constant encouragement and support in reaching every next goal. They are now entering a new chapter in life as a civilian family and I look forward to seeing all God has in store for them. 

I was recently able to travel to Washington, DC, where Stephen was stationed as a Captain in The Old Guard, to take these special farewell photos and I think you will agree after seeing them that a picture truly can speak a thousand words. 

(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) army family family session military family siblings Sat, 03 Aug 2019 02:03:52 GMT
Jimmy and Pam's 50th Wedding Anniversary Session  

It has been a summer of celebrating some very special milestones in the lives of my clients. When Ashleigh contacted me about doing this anniversary session with her family, I could not wait!

Jimmy and Pam Davis just celebrated 50 years of marriage. What an incredible legacy that is to their children and grandchildren. It made my heart melt to see how he still looks at his wife with such tenderness and love. As sacred and beautiful as the wedding day is, images 50 years later reflect a love and devotion that has stood the test of time - through better and worse, rich and poor, sickness and health. These two have lived out the promise they made to God and to each other at that altar and now they are surrounded by the blessings that have come from it. As I look at this family, these verses from the Psalms comes to mind:

"Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways! You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you. Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children like olive shoots around your table. Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord." Psalm 128:1-4


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Lilly's Summer Fruit Bath Session  

When Lilly's mom contacted me with the idea for this fun mini shoot, I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph her little girl again. She has changed so much since I did her newborn session last September and has the sweetest personality. She thoroughly enjoyed her summer fruit bath and much to my surprise, chose to eat the lemons over the strawberries! She had us laughing the whole time watching her expressions. 

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Charlotte Turns 100 This post is one that I have long anticipated sharing with you because of its beautiful subject. My grandmother. She turns 100 years old today!

For her birthday this year, we decided to take her back 100 years to 1919, the year she came into the world. We were able to locate an authentic 1914 Model T Touring car and had a unique and fun vintage photo session with her, also starring her oldest living son, Larry as her driver and her youngest daughter, Angela. A very special thanks goes to Richard and Susan Buff for their gracious generosity in lending us their car for the shoot and also Historic Columbia for preserving the lovely homes on this street. 


In honor of her special day, I want to share her story with you. A century filled with adventure, hopes, dreams, joys, suffering, struggle, loss, and pain, but most importantly love.  

Charlotte's story begins on February 29, 1900 when a little girl named Romana was born into a large family in the Philippines. Life was very difficult for them and her future looked like one of poverty and struggle. However, Romana's life was forever altered when an American soldier was introduced to her family. His name was Edward Knight and he became a close friend while stationed there with the army. When the time came for Edward to return to the states, he asked for Romana's hand in marriage. She was only 13 years old at the time, but he wanted to rescue her from a life of struggle and provide a home of comfort for her. He cared for her like a daughter and loved to give her clothes, shoes and hats to dress up in and enjoy. After they married and moved back to America, they had three children - Carmen, Robbie and the youngest, Charlotte. Charlotte was born on July 17, 1919 in Charleston, SC. She and her family moved around and saw many places while growing up. She still tells stories of picking blueberries all day in the summer and sledding down the hills of Boston during the winter while living there. 

As she grew into a beautiful woman, Charlotte was flirty with the boys and turned quite a few heads. Then a charming, blond haired, blue-eyed young man named David Mathis entered her world. His nickname for her was Trixie because of her fun, flirtatious personality. He swept her off her feet and on Christmas Day, 1939, they were married. 

Charlotte was head over heels in love with David and would later tell me she never remarried because she could never love another man like she loved him. Their first child, Terry, was born in 1942 in Alexandria, Louisiana. After this, David re-entered the army and was moved with his family to Fort Benning in Georgia. While there, they had three more children, Larry, Resa and Mike. During this time, David was sent to Germany in 1946 and returned in 1949. At the end of 1951, Charlotte and her three children moved back to Germany with him.

They returned to the states in 1954 and were stationed at Fort Jackson in Columbia where they would remain. Charlotte gave birth to twin daughters, Kathy and Kristy in 1955, another daughter, Sylvia in 1959 and her youngest daughter, Angela in 1964 at the age of 45. Their family was complete and David and Charlotte settled down to raise their eight children. Little did they know, their life was about to take a tragic turn. When little Angela was just 4 years old, David was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at the age of 55. 

Charlotte was stricken with grief and sadness over the loss of her beloved husband, but despite this, life continued on and she still had many of her children at home to care for. With great courage and determination, Charlotte became the head of the family and worked tirelessly to hold them together, provide for their needs and do the very best she could to get them through the tumultuous teenage years on her own. This was not an easy task, but her love for her children caused her to go on and be there for each and every one of them.

Many people ask my grandma what her secret to her longevity is. She says, "Be good and have fun!" Ultimately, the answer is that God determined her number of years for a special purpose before one of them came to be. I also think one of the reasons she has remained so healthy and energetic is because she has poured her life out to care for her children and grandchildren. At the age most are slowing down for retirement, her work had only begun. People also comment how blessed she is to have seen 100 years go by. What they don't often realize is how much pain a person walks through in 100 years. Charlotte has not only buried her husband, but also her oldest son and one of her grandsons. She has lived in the cruel reality that those who should have lived long after her are gone. One of the things I have learned most from my grandma is that she grieves the loss of her loved ones deeply, but then she looks at those remaining around her and continues to love and serve them in spite of her pain. The legacy that she leaves to her children, 55 grandchildren and the ones to come is a special one. She built a home that was safe for her family to be themselves and to share life together. She would tell you that there is nothing golden about being 100 for her tired out body, but for those of us who have been held, fed, disciplined and encouraged by her worn hands, her life shines as a testimony to everything she has given us. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and see that Trixie still likes to come out even at 100!


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Evelynne's 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session This little doll is one!

I met Evelynne and her parents and grandma recently for her first birthday session and it was cuteness overload. She had so much fun as you can tell from the pictures and thoroughly enjoyed her cake :) 

Happy Birthday sweet Evelynne.

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Liam Hughes Newborn Session  

Sweet baby Liam arrived a few weeks ago much to the relief of his mother as well as delight of the entire family, including his older sibling.

He was only a week old during this session, but already was very alert and active. Keeping him swaddled proved a challenge as he wanted to stretch out those long arms and legs :) I was captivated by his adorable expressions and blue eyes.

I am so excited for Tabitha and Vance as they begin the challenging, but rewarding adventure of parenting two brothers. 


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Ayanna's Senior Session Ayanna is now officially a high school graduate and I am so excited to share some of my favorites from her senior session last month. She is absolutely radiant in gold and her smile is contagious. 

She is entering college in the fall with the goal of becoming a nurse and I have no doubt she will she will make an excellent one.

Congratulations Ayanna!



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Liza and Sarah Hayes Sisters Session Sisters.

It is a friendship and bond that will stand the test of time like few others. They are there for one another in the best and worst moments of life. They know well each other's strengths and weaknesses, yet are forever linked together. I had the joy of photographing Liza and Sarah Hayes a few weeks ago and capturing the special relationship between them.

Both are stunning young women on the outside,  but the true beauty shines from within. 

Those eyes! Gorgeous! 

Liza is a dancer and this is one of my favorite images!

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Tabitha Maternity Session Tabitha and Vance are expecting their second little boy in a few short weeks and I am excited to share a few of this beautiful momma's maternity pictures with you. I always love seeing a family of three become a family of four. There is a very special relationship between siblings and I have no doubt these two brothers will share many adventures together in the coming years. Can't wait to meet baby Liam very soon!


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Jeffrey and Peyton Prom 2019 Session What a fun session before these two headed off to prom! Jeffrey's dad is captain at the Sumter Fire Department and we were able to get a few very special photos there before heading downtown. Jeffrey and Peyton, you both looked very classy and I hope you had an amazing night!


(Rebekah Ruth Photography, LLC) High School Prom Prom Session Sat, 18 May 2019 00:27:35 GMT
Liza and Haile Prom 2019 Session Liza was absolutely stunning in her red gown on prom night! She and her date had a few minutes for some photos at Liza's family home before they headed off for the evening. I fell instantly in love with the country setting and I am excited to share a few favorites with you.



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Chris and Courtney Prom 2019 Session  

These two were looking good on prom night! Chris is a senior this year and his mom wanted some special photos of her son to remember this milestone moment in his life. Congratulations Chris and I wish you all the best as you graduate high school and beyond!


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Levi Mattes Homecoming My goodness, words fail.

This session was one of the most special I have had the honor of shooting. The husband of my dear friend, Becca, arrived home from deployment today after almost 7 months apart. During those months, their son has been growing inside his mother and Levi got to feel him for the first time today. What a precious moment to witness. The heart-wrenching sacrifices our military families make every day on behalf of our safety is so humbling to me and it becomes all the more evident when you see them reunited. I could not be happier for Levi and Becca and eagerly await the arrival of their firstborn in a few short weeks!


The look of anticipation of a woman who has longed and waited for this moment since the day he got on the plane. 

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Abigail Grace Newborn Session This little sweetheart was born a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to blogging her newborn session. Abigail Grace has been long anticipated and I was so excited to finally meet her!  She was a sleeping beauty the entire session and even gave us smiles and coos right on cue.

As we anticipate Easter Sunday, I hope these photos of precious new life cause you to reflect on the beauty of the new life we receive through belief in Jesus' death in our place, burial and resurrection from the grave. 

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." 1 Peter 1:3

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The Thomas Family  

Even though Christmas has come and gone, the joy of Christ coming to earth and shining light into our dark world is reason to remember and celebrate long after the decorations have been taken down. I wanted to share this sweet family's session from December with you. The Thomas family celebrated their first Christmas as a family of three and what a special time it is to see your child experience it with eyes full of wonder for the first time. This little guy was so happy and enthralled with the Christmas lights. Of course, to a 6 month old, they also looked pretty tasty! Haha!

I pray as we all journey ahead in 2019 with expectation of what is to come, some with sorrow and some with excitement,  that we would remember the light of the world has come and no matter what we encounter, we have the hope of new life and resurrection because of His inexpressible gift. 2 Corinthians 9:15

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Steece and Angie Couples Session Happy New Year Friends! 

What a year 2018 has been. I started my own business in January and have so enjoyed getting to know all of my clients and capturing memories for them that will last a lifetime. To start out 2019, I wanted to share my favorite session from 2018 with you.

My parents asked me to do a session for them back in October and I could not have been more excited to shoot this. They are a couple that has stood the test of time through 35 years of marriage.  It has not been an easy journey for them and at times it has been very difficult, but God has sustained them by His grace. Whenever I think about what they have walked through in their marriage that I have been blessed to witness both through the eyes of a child and now as an adult, the words of Ecclesiastes 3 always come to mind:

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

a time to be born, and a time to die;

a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;

 a time to kill, and a time to heal;

a time to break down, and a time to build up;

 a time to weep, and a time to laugh;

a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

 a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

 a time to seek, and a time to lose;

a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

 a time to tear, and a time to sew;

a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

 a time to love, and a time to hate;

a time for war, and a time for peace."

These words sum up all of life. What a gift it is to experience it with someone by your side through it all. I hope that as you look at these pictures, you will see a story of redemption, faith, hope and love. 


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The Wilson Family Christmas Session After an amazing vacation to Europe, I am finally getting around to posting some of my fall and Christmas sessions!

I just love the Wilson family! This was the first time I had the privilege of photographing Ray and Charis and we had so much fun doing this session, including a little snow shower. These two are adorable together. Charis looks up to her big brother so much and he definitely loves his little sister. The bond they will share for a lifetime is priceless.