Jack and BayLeah Proposal

October 02, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


This post is for all of you serious romantics out there :) 

Jack had been planning his proposal to BayLeah for several months and part of his carefully laid out plan was to have it photographed for them to look back on later. What an honor to have been chosen to play the part of capturing the beginning of the rest of their lives together! 

Swan Lake is an iconic location filled with meaning for this couple and the Recovery Wing sculpture by Grainger McKoy was the spot Jack knew he wanted to propose to the woman he loves. There were a few challenges to work out in making sure everything was perfect when the moment arrived - this site is typically filled with visitors to the park, especially on a lovely September morning - but in the end it could not have been more private, surprising and picture perfect! BayLeah's sweet reaction was priceless as her prince charming knelt and asked for her hand. This story told in photo will bring both tears to your eyes and a big smile to your face. 

Congratulations you guys! 



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