The Howard Family 2020

December 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Every mom has been there. It’s family picture day and she has a vision in her head of the perfect shot of her children to blow up and hang in her home. Something about walking by those precious smiling faces on her wall puts the long, difficult days of parenting in perspective. 

Unfortunately, the kids didn’t get the memo about her vision and how much it means to her and they are determined to make this Mission Impossible. After an attempt to flood the bathroom, missing shoes and a few tantrums thrown in, she finally gets everyone dressed and in the car. Success! 

However, the weather didn’t get that memo either and the wind starts to pick up as they arrive for pictures, blowing their clothes and hair in every direction. Still, she is determined to stick it out, hoping things will settle down. 

Just then, the unthinkable happens. Her young daughter, who is looking adorable in her white and pink outfit, trips and lands in the mud. “Could this get any worse?” she asks, any lovely vision she once had now being replaced with a nightmare. 

As a photographer, everything is determined by my response in that moment. 

This exact scenario played out for my dear friend, Bekah, a few months ago during a visit to their mountain home. 

I looked at her and smiled. “It’s going to be ok. These pictures are going to be beautiful. We will just have to be a little more creative with posing and find some shelter from the wind.” As I continued to shoot, I didn’t see the mud or the stress of the day. I saw love and joy and laughter - all the things that make this family a treasure. So moms, on picture day, remember that all we as photographers ask is that you show up, relax and let us simply capture what was there all along. 




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