The Bauer Family Session

November 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I pray your day has been filled with gratitude for both the blessings in your life and the sorrows. I have found that the truest form of thankfulness comes from a heart that has every reason to despair, yet chooses to trust that God is working every circumstance for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.

The story of the Bauer family as they are today, is a road full of trust, anticipation, struggle, loss, tears and the greatest of joys.

Jason and Laurie felt God was calling them to expand their family through adoption several years ago and began the process which ended up being a very difficult journey. I had the honor of witnessing their courage and perseverance, continuing to move forward when many would have given up. They knew a little baby boy was waiting to be taken into their family and and loved treasured for the gift that he is. 

This past spring, they received a call that this special boy had been born and was indeed to be theirs at long last!

Little Ollie has grown and thrived under the love of not only his mom and dad, but his four siblings as well. This tangible picture of adoption is a reminder of the greatest joy of being adopted as God's child through the sacrifice of Jesus. That is the greatest reason to give thanks today and every day for the rest of eternity.


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